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Meet your Counselor
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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child's elementary school counselor. My name is Kimberly Ridall-Villagomez. Most people just call me Ms. R-V, for short. I have a passion for working with young people in preparing them to become productive adults in our world today. This means that our children need to be prepared both academically and emotionally for success.  To be an effective helper/counselor, it is necessary to be genuine, caring and available to the needs of our children. We strive to build positive relationships with our students and parents. At Beaverbrook, all staff take a genuine interest in each of our children in assisting and equipping them to be productive members of society and yes, this does start in the elementary grades.
The Beaverbrook Counseling Department is here to support our students through a variety of ways. We teach expectations through developmental counseling lessons, working with students in whole group, small groups and even individually as needed.  We reinforce by acknowledging positive behaviors through the use of PBIS rewards recognition system to award positive behaviors and reteach when we need to re-learn our expectations. We are also here to support in times of stress and need. We work on proactive measures to reduce the need of reactive measures but when the need arises we address behaviors that need managing. We collaborate with teachers, administration, staff, families, and stakeholders ensuring that we are creating a positive, safe, and effective learning environment/community for our students. In fact, we are the BEST Beaverbrook Beavers!! We BELIEVE in ourselves. We make EXCELLENT choices. We Strive for SUCCESS. And we TEACH each other.
 I am excited to let our students and parents know that Beaverbrook Elementary has a unique opportunity to provide not only school counseling options to our students, but also clinical mental and behavioral health counseling. This means that I can simultaneously offer assistance with study skills, but I can also assist with issues of trauma, grief, anxiety, bullying,divorce, and other family/relational concerns. This may mean that your child may work with me in my counseling office, work with our behavior interventionist, our GSCS mental health providers and/or be referred into our community for more intensive clinical assistance from a local mental health practice either outside the school setting or in collaboration with my office at Beaverbrook Elementary School.
In order to provide optimal services to our families that may present a need for clinical services, I am scheduling office hours over the summer break. Please feel free to check out my extended hours and call for an appointment. I am available to assist during these hours either with an appointment or as necessary for a crisis appointment.
During school  hours
Monday-Friday -8:00 am to 3:15 pm
Summer hours
Tuesday-Thursday-8:00 am to 12:00pm
I truly believe Beaverbrook Elementary School is a great place to grow your child! The pride of Beaverbrook runs deep in the community and I am proud to be one of the Beaverbrook family.
I have included my email and office hours both during the school year and during the summer months, as well as emergency contacts when we are not here in the building. Please reach out to me if and when you have questions and concerns. We are a team as we raise our children together.
Kimberly Ridall-Villagomez, M.Ed.
School Counselor
If you have reached my office at regularly scheduled times, please be advised of the following safety procedures:
Should you find yourself in a crisis situation in which you feel that you need immediate assistance, you can access assistance in one of the following option of your choice:
  • Go to your nearest emergency room and request assistance from a Psych Assessor.
  • Call 911
  • Call the Georgia Crisis Center Hot Line: 1 (800) 715 4200
You are then welcome to reach out to me after the presenting crisis situation has been stabilized during my next regularly scheduled office hours.
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Contact Information
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Kimberly Ridall-Villagomez (R-V)  

770-229-3750 ext. 14113

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: