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Dr. Renee Mallard



Dear Beaverbrook Family,

Beaverbrook Elementary School was established in 1965 as a part of the Griffin-Spalding County School System. It has been an essential part of the area and generations of families have attended here year after year, weaving our current and past student body into a tapestry of community members. So many former students live and work in Spalding County and have fond memories of their days here at Beaverbrook. The building itself has endured many changes with classroom additions and a recent large scale renovation during the Summer of 2017. Regardless of the changes, it still is home to a rich collection of memories that are appreciated by students, faculty, staff, neighbors, and the community. We consider ourselves a family here, and value the history of our school.

The faculty and staff at Beaverbrook Elementary School dedicate themselves to the success of all students. As we bridge the years between home and school, we have the important task of keeping each student academically successful. We will not forget that the school belongs to our community and its citizens. Therefore, we want all our parents and students to feel ownership. It is our pledge to you that we will emphasize academics, safety, and moral character. We need every home in the community to join with us in this endeavor!

Enjoy your visit to our web page and return often.


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